Create Excel Workbooks from a List of Names using a Template sheet in four Steps

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I have a requirement to Create Excel Workbooks from a List of Names using a Template. I hate doing this manually so tried the macro to do my job.

This is what I did

Step 1: Enable Developer Tab in Excel 2013

To display the DEVELOPER tab, click on the File menu and then select Options from the drop down menu. When the Excel Options window appears, click on the Customize Ribbon option on the left. Click on the Developer checkbox under the list of Main Tabs on the right. Then click on the OK button.

Step 2: To enable all the macros in the Work Book

Click Trust Center Settings, and then click the Macro Settings category. Enable all macros (not recommended, potentially dangerous code can run)    click this option to allow all macros to run. Using this setting makes your computer vulnerable to potentially malicious code and is not recommended.


Step 3: Create the program

Click on Record Macro in Developer Tab. A pop-up window will appear for entering the macro name, shortcut key for running the macro, Store macro in( specify where to save the macro) and  the description. Specify the macro name and click ok to save it

Step 4: Click on Macros in Developer Tab and Click ‘Edit’ the macro we have created in last step. Write the code in VB editor and save.


Note: I am working on a work book with name “test”. Have two sheets one with the names of the Excel files I want to create and second one is the template of the sheet I want in each file. I need all the new files to be created should be placed in my new directory C:\ExcelWB\







Step 4: Copy the code and make required changes you want. Save and Run the Macro

The required files will be created in the specified directory with the template sheet as you specified.




The VB Code Help:

Sub wkbksfromlist()   ->Function Name

Dim x%, lr%

Dim wbname As String

Dim wbnew As Workbook   -> New workbook variable declaration

Dim sh1 As Worksheet         ->Template sheet variable declaration

Set sh1 = Sheets(“Report 1”)   -> specify the template sheet name here

lr = Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row

For x = 2 To lr

wbname = ThisWorkbook.Sheets(“List”).Range(“A” & x).Value  ->specify the sheet and the column name with the worksheet names here

Set wbnew = Workbooks.Add()

wbnew.SaveAs Filename:=”C:\ExcelWB\” & wbname & “.xlsx”   ->specify the destination

Application.DisplayAlerts = False

With ActiveWorkbook

sh1.Copy After:=ActiveWorkbook.Sheets(1)


.Close SaveChanges:=True

End With

Application.DisplayAlerts = True


End Sub


Its about my dreams

Its about my dreams…

when i was a child no one told me to dream …

I met a saint wearing spectacle and a magic wand  

told me to dream like butterfly…

I dreamed like a butterfly and flew …

Saw many other worlds and so mistic thoughts paasess through…

welcomed all thoughts to my dream….

 Things changed … life changed …

I grew up … i was behind my dreams..

One fine day someone pulled me from my dream world to earth..

As  expected I am not belongs to this world anymore…

so here nothing to do more or less than the specification

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Factory farming=>degrading life

Every life in this world has it’s own value by introducing factory farming men degrades the value of animal’s life.

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Kiran Bedi-Indian Women breaks all barriers

While turning back to the pages of Indian history she would be there with her smiling and inspiring face for every patriotic individual. It was my childhood days; I heard about Kiran Bedi, I knew about her most as a IPS officer in charge of our capital Delhi. On those days when anything happened in Delhi, I saw her confident and courageous face in TV. She always give first preference to her carrier

You cannot build a reputation on what you are going to do.

You cannot build a reputation on what you are going to do.

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Dr A P J Abdul Kalam’s Vision : 2020 for India=>INDIAN’S DREAM

I am proud to be an Indian and I salutes for Dr A P J Abdul Kalam’s Vision : 2020 for India.Every time i touch with Dr.Kalams news, two things  comes to my mind one his face with his own hairstyle that no one else has and the second was his words about dream,

Dream dream dream

Dreams transformed into thoughts

and thoughts result into action

I had a dream from my childhood about the earth and the humanity. On that the human achievements in technology and the wonderful power of nature meets together to make a peaceful life in this earth. In my view about development it won’t destruct nature and it resources but protect and care it.

People usually say that development is not possible without destructing nature. For example consider a factory, for a factory there may need of land, water, machines, etc. For protecting our nature we can implement the rules, such that technology can play much in the case of pollution. The trees in that area can move into other places and all, this thing is now implements only in cites. The buildings should be echo friendly.

In my dream I saw a factory that looks like an olden wooden church and the water comes out was pure as that of rain water. The houses are small like hut. The people living are healthy, living in a forest like place. There is no need of street light. Some herbs there have illumination like small bulbs, they give light at night. You may think that I am mad. It was my childhood dream I don’t know from where it comes to my dreams!! .

A few years back I heard about artificial forest!!! . I wondered first and further reading I realize that it is possible. Now nanotechnology and genetic inventions tells that it is also possible that plants can produce light .I want to share a secret that herbs light inspires me a lot in my childhood .It was a dream that one old grandpa showed me all these things.

If am a planning commission member, my suggestions would be with respect to my dream. That is development in compromise with nature. If we build a developed country causing so many nuisances to nature .The nature will not allow it to exist for long.

I may suggest that,

  1. The development should begin from villages, from lover level of society by educating them.
  2. Introduce the rules such that that will give hard punishment for socially above and rich people and give small punishment for poor and uneducated people.
  3. I think by giving more power and resources to “panchayath” ,we can improve a lot in case of govt organizations, this way the corruption can avoid and the productivity can improve. Because the “panchayath” members are from the same area elected by people from there. It is less chance, he became irresponsible in case of his native place.
  4. The education system should self reliant and students should  self reliant for his/her education purpose.

In Dr A P J Abdul Kalam’s Vision: 2020 for India, his mission includes all levels of society. He trusts in our new generation’s brains, they are going to fulfill his vision.

I liked this Precise form of his vision:2020

1. The rural and urban divide has reduced to a thin line.
2. There is an equitable distribution and adequate access to energy and quality water.
3. Agriculture, industry and service sector work together in symphony.
4. Education with value system is not denied to any meritorious candidates because of societal or economic discrimination.
5. A Nation which is the best destination for the most talented scholars, scientists, and investors.
6. The best of health care is available to all.
7. The governance is responsive, transparent and corruption free.
8. Poverty has been totally eradicated, illiteracy removed and crimes against women and children are absent and none in the society feels alienated.
9. A Nation that is prosperous, healthy, secure, peaceful and happy and continues with a sustainable growth path.
10. A Nation that is one of the best places to live in and is proud of its leadership.

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Chicken Ala Carte =>Face of Poverty

Globalization came!!!

Celebrations are going on everywhere.

India grown , Kerala grown, rich became more rich.Poor and hunger people wake up !!!?

They want to search food from other’s waste bucket for fill their belly.He is not alone his wife and two children are there in his house.His family is starving for many days.Yesterday his wife cried while saying that she has no milk for her two month old baby.Like this arises the worries of poor and hungry people .Our society simply avoid them.

The ‘Chicken a la Carte’, short film directed by Ferdinand Demidure. It based on theme ‘FOOD,TASTE AND HUNGER’ shows a true face of hunger.This film shows the face of people they eat the waste food . After seeing them you may think that this is rare cases, in our places no one is like this . Unfortunately this is not the truth. In our country , in our small towns there are lot of old people and child , they live in slums and eat waste food from hotels.

There is a proverb , “The full belly does not believe in hunger”The meaning of hunger is same for all ,for poor and rich, old and child .If we offer a food or money to a hunger , he will eager to get food.There is a saying that “hunger has no eyes”.This video proves this truth in frond of world.Our new generation cruelly avoiding this fact . May this film help them to aware of what they actually doing.

Nowadays people are not conscious about their food habits.In most of the ancient cultures in this world respect food and have their own food culture.They are aware of the importance and value of food.

Also Indian culture have their own food habits .There is a concept that “Food is God” and there is a goddess for food “Annapurneshwari Devi”.Some people believes that food has great impact even on ones’ thoughts . For some times back there exist a beautiful custom in kerala houses that, before closing the frond door in houses ask , “Is there is any hungry person outside?”,repeats this for three times.If any person having hunger will get food from that house.Now people runs behind the running world.No one have time to think about hunger and for protecting helpless people.

The new generation losts the healthy food habits and they go around unhealthy and dangerous food, they spend a lot for food unnecessary.At last they spends a lot of money for medicines,at the health clubs, gims for burning their extra fat.At the same time many people in this world is begging for a piece of bread .The truth is that we are stealing their food . May the wasting food in our houses can fill many bellyes of children.Some people gets more than enough but some gets little.This is not fare.Earth has enough food for all inhabitance but some misuse the food that cause other’s hunger.

One who wastes food may questions the existence of a new born baby .In my childhood days I am not at all a hungry child always have a tendency to waste food.On those days my father tells me stories about poor children not having food and instruct me to take food up to your needs.Don’t waste food.His words change me a lot and I used to take food according to my needs that become my lifestyle.Most of the parents brought up their children without teach them the value of food and pains behind it. The children grows with out knowing the facts and practice to avoid such things in life and become irresponsible generation.

I think lessons should starts at home,parents should become teachers of good habits . There is a sayings that “One mother/Father is worth than hundred school masters”. The society begins from home so well cultured generation cannot avoid poor and hungry people from our society.he/she cannot waste food that coasts many empty stomach.

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Lead India Campaign

The lead India campaign , a massive movement for political and social change in the world’s largest democracy started by the world biggest English language news paper Times of India .This movement inspires a lot of people all over India .

A lot of videos published in media and so many are showed in TV  are inspire so many people to work  for society encourage them use their vote to support this largest democratic country. Most of  these videos speaks about need of leaders   as well as the need of good citizens  in our country. If there is no follower in our country what is the need of leaders?.

Our great leader Mahatma Gandhi’s view about democracy was “Swaraj” . The swaraj means the ‘self – governance’ , ‘self rule’,’self-restraint’ and could be equated with salvation . In his view all people must be aware of his duties more than what he/she claim .

Gandhi explained his vision in 1946:

Independence begins at the bottom… A society must be build in which every village has to be self sustained and capable of managing its own affairs… It will be trained and prepared to perish in the attempt to defend itself against any onslaught from without… This does not exclude dependence on and willing help from neighbours or from the world. It will be a free and voluntary play of mutual forces… In this structure composed of innumerable villages, there will be ever widening, never ascending circles. Life will not be a pyramid with the apex sustained by the bottom. But it will be an oceanic circle whose center will be the individual. Therefore the outermost circumference will not wield power to crush the inner circle but will give strength to all within and derive its own strength from it.”

His belief was that india’s growth resides in hands of  individuals not in any leaders . Lead india movement tells the people to do something as much as you can may be a small thing . Also  Bhagavad Gita says about the importance of work that an individual can do. May these videos

In my view India wants good followers , he/she can separate good and bad.If each individual in India concerns about country and other people living here then there is no need of rules and punishments. If these songs ,which tells the people to wake up and fly reaches all Indian minds and their thoughts and dreams.If this creates awareness in people to do. Then that day is in nearest future , India become the role model to the world .

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Hello world!

May 23, 2009 3 comments

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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